This brand statement is a message
that expresses the brand vision of LebeL.
In response to the feelings of all people
who are seeking beauty,
we convey this message with our hope to
light up each one of them. With this vision,
LebeL will continue to follow
its own path with salons.



Pursuit of "Universal beauty" and "Beauty of the times"

"Universal beauty" exists in each one of us, as the texture of fresh hair, a person's unique attractiveness and so forth. It is a beauty that can be brought out by the hands of professionals. "Beauty of the times" is the kind of beauty that expands the possibilities of expression with new styles and leads the era. It is the essence of LebeL to pursue beauty from these two perspectives.


Proposal for free options and new market creation

LebeL will continue to propose a wide range of options in terms of techniques, creativity, and businesses in order to expand the potential of salons to infinity. We also continue to work actively to develop products that can produce new beauty and challenge the creation of new markets. We constantly support the growth of salons and strive to be a more reliable partner.


Contribution to society by creating a beauty and barber culture

LebeL wishes to work with salons to make every beauty seeker shine. We believe that the accumulation of our experience will lead to the prosperity of the industry and eventually help to create a beauty and barber culture. Through these activities, we aim to contribute to society.


Lebel was launched in 1977 as the first and original cosmetics brand of TAKARA BELMONT.
"BEL," which is a part of our corporate name,
means "beauty" in French.
We aim to continue to deliver rich
"beauty" based on our desire to make everyone shine.


Our concept at Lebel is ALL YOUR OWN, everything is to lighten you up! Based on this, we sell products through counseling at hair salons, who are professionals in beauty that will make each and every individual shine. People visit hair salons for the best hair design and to receive care to prevent problems, including hair and scalp disorders. To this end, in addition to a correct understanding of expert information provided by us (product information, including functions, technical information including methods of use, and educational information), we also offer customers the optimal advice.