LebeL Global
Photo Contest 2020

Post your design using LebeL colors and join the Instagram photo contest !

Contest Winners

■ Entry Period From Thursday October 1st to Monday November 30th, 2020
■ Eligible Participants The contest is open to hair stylists of Armenia, Belarus, Brunei, Hong Kong,
Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan,Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam only (Salon employee or freelance does not matter).
■ Eligibility
  • ・ LebeL color products of the following must be used: edol, MATERIA, LUVIONA, LOCOR, LUQUIAS, LebeL Platinum Bleach
  • ・ Multiple entries are accepted (Same style and same model of different angle is considered as one entry).
  • ・ Colored photos only.
  • ・ Wigs and extensions are not allowed to be used.
■ How To Enter
  1. 1. FOLLOW @lebel_global on Instagram
  2. 2. POST your photo on Instagram and HASHTAG #lebelglobal2020
  3. 3. Share below information in the caption:
    Country, salon name (if you belong to a salon), creator name, used colors


Crystal trophy, special invitation to JAPAN (TWBC 2021; Takara World Business Congress) planned to be held in September 2021.
  • * Details of the event will be informed to the gold prize winner.
  • * The invitation includes accommodation fee, flight costs and entry ticket.
  • * The prize cannot be exchanged for cash value or alternative dates.
  • * In situations such as cancel of TWBC2021 or when the winner cannot participate due to restrictions of overseas travel, LebeL products of equivalent value will be presented.

Crystal trophy, LebeL products worth 30,000 JPY.


Crystal trophy, LebeL products worth 10,000 JPY.


LebeL’ s recommended product.


After graduating KokusaibunkaTechnical College of Hairdesign and working at two salons in Tokyo, worked as the opening staff of THE REMMY at the age of 27.
Her trademark is the extremely short blond hair style, and is skillful at suggesting short styles that suites each client. She posts clients’ hair styles, her own fashion, hair, makeup and is especially popular among women in their 20s and 30s.
Started salon work as a top director at a salon in Harajuku, Tokyo since 2003. Now active in the front lines through magazines, seminars, hairshows, hair make of celebrities, etc.
Opened LECO in 2018 and his second brand QUQU in 2020. As the representative, his future success is expected. In addition to releases of books, he also produces original products such as scissors and scissors cases.
Born in Kagawa prefecture in1978. Opened “SOIE” in October 2019. He is the representative of SOIE, highly trusted by many clients and salon staff. He is the top designer, talented in bleach color design and short styles, and has received many awards of hair contests and photo contests in the past. Continuously creates the trend, and in addition to salon work, he is active in the fields of makeup, hairmake and as the lecturer of seminars.


  • ・ High retouching of hair style and hair color is not accepted.
  • ・ Entries are invalid when posts are deleted before winner confirmation, @lebel_global is not followed,entries without hashtag #lebelglobal2020.
  • ・ Entries are invalid when we find out that the image is already submitted for other contests.
  • ・ Winners will receive a direct message via Instagram. Please be sure to respond within 7 days.
  • ・ By posting images for LebeL Global Photo Contest 2020, the copyright will then belong to “LebeL Global Photo Contest 2020” and you are agreeing to permit LebeL to edit and utilize those images in future marketing and/or promotions, such as social media, website, events, advertisments and displays, and may show the creater’ s user name.
  • ・ Please obtain permission of model and salon, and participate in this contest at your own responsibility. Please note that LebeL will not take any responsibility or liability for any trouble, damage or loss caused through the entry and post of LebeL Global Photo Contest 2020.
  • ・ We cannot answer any questions regarding entry situations and results of the contest.
  • ・ Please note that the entry period or/and prize contents may change, and/or the contest itself may be postponed or canceled under unavoidable circumstances.
  • ・ LebeL Global Photo Contest 2020 is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
  • For inquiries regarding LebeL Global Photo Contest 2020, please send us a direct message via LebeL Global Official Instagram (@lebel_global).