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Continue to love my Hair Color
Just like carefully choosing high-quality products that feel good to the body and mind, I want to carefully and consistently care for my hair and scalp. The LUVIONA Routine Color Program is developed to allow mature hair and scalp to age gracefully.
  • LUVIONA Scalp Moisture
    It effectively uses the time for leaving the color in the hair. The moisturizing properties penetrate slowly into the horny layers of the aging scalp to protect for naturally healthy condition.
  • LUVIONA Color
    27 colors / 80g <Quasi Drug>
    It adopted a uniquely developed formulation by focusing on the different functions of amino acids. Amino acids help condition the environment for dyeing gray hair to provide improved color development and a long-lasting effect from the hair dyes. In addition, by reducing alkali and pH*, the formulation cares for the aging hair and scalp.
    *Compared to LebeL's conventional products.
    6%・1.5% / 100mL <Quasi Drug>
    It is formulated with glutamic acid derivative to replace the lost glutamic acid along with oil to the hair that tends to be lost from aging. It reinforces the CMC β layer that thins from aging while improving the long-lasting effects of the hair color.
  • LUVIONA Color Care Serum
    Warm・Cool / 800g
    It is a hair treatment that comes in two warm and cool colors to match the hair color. The products supply shine and elasticity which tends to be lost by aging, and improves color, shine, and texture after coloring the hair.
<Quasi Drug>
*Read and follow the usage advisory. Every time you use hair color, make sure to have a skin allergy test (patch test).

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