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Live with the hair you love

“I love my hair.”
If you could say that from the bottom of your heart, your everyday life would be so much more enjoyable.
HITA is a method for managing unruly curly hair, brought to you through the hands of hair designers to bring you the joys of living with the hair that you love.

This is a simple yet effective treatment, made possible with our uniquely developed technology.
Consisting of the three lines of straightening, treatment, and homecare, it offers you a new solution for handling all kinds of concerns about curly hair.

Supple like natural hair, captivatingly beautiful It gives each and every one of you the hair you want, even down to the way it runs through your fingers.

“Hita” is an ancient Japanese word that means “straight,” “wholehearted,” and “steadfast.”
It was named to express our unwavering commitment to helping resolve the individual hair concerns of each and every person.

Making hair supple and more beautiful with 

our unique technology called ” Active PLEX”

Select the product according to your desired style, level of curliness, and damage.
The more you continue to use it, the more your hair texture will improve, making your hair
easily manageable and agreeable with freedom of design.


This is is a next-generational plex formula called
“Active PLEX,” in which the plex ingredient is
“activated” to significantly improve its ability to
attach itself to the hair, thus preventing damage
and changing not only the texture but also the
shape of the hair. Activating the plex ingredient
helps draw in urea to increase the moisturizing
ingredients, and also forms a hinge-like structural
softness that works its benefits on curliness.

Hair Medulla Care

The penetration effect on the hair medulla
makes maximum use of the Active PLEX.
Uses hair medulla technology with high treatment benefits and outstanding penetrative effects.
Helps create an uniform finish from the roots to the ends by having the Active PLEX penetrate
and fix itself firmly within the hair.


Despite its simplicity, it achieves an uncompromising finish by creating straight hair that is soft and hydrated, from newly grown hair to already straightened hair.

5 step treatment of curly hair to keep the hair beautiful and manageable

Adding delight to your daily life with haircare that creates beautiful hair. It tames dry, frizzy, and heat-damaged hair, typical of curly hair, by giving it moisture and softness.
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