Continue to love my Hair Color

Just like carefully choosing high-quality products
that feel good to the body and mind,
I want to carefully and consistently care for my hair and scalp.
I want to brighten up my natural beauty and maintain beautiful hair
each day for the next ten to twenty years.
The Luviona Routine Color Program is developed to allow mature hair
and scalp to age gracefully.

Precautions for hair color

*Read the precautions for use and use the product correctly.
*The product shold not be used on a person with previous experience of irritaion with the use of hair color.
*Every time you use hair color, make sure to have a skin allergy test (patch test).


Download method
1. Click on the video you wish to download.
2. Once the image opens, right click and save the image when using a PC. For smartphones and tablet, press and hold down the tab key to save the image.