What it means to create a style.

It’s all about being innovative yet natural.
Made with naturally derived ingredients,*
THE MOII is gentle on both the skin and hair.
But there comes a time when “gentle” is no longer enough.
Fashionable lineup that effortlessly breaks free from all constraints,
such as hair type, age, or gender.
A minimalist identity that suits the mindset and lifestyle of many.
Experiencing the joy of hair styling.
This is what it means to create a style of your own.
  • Minimal, Optimum, and Identity

  • THE MOII How to Styling Concept Movie

  • THE MOII Make balm Effortless touch

  • THE MOII Luxe oil Modern dew How to Style

  • THE MOII Glow oil Blink veil How to Style

  • THE MOII Cream So tenderly How to Style

  • THE MOII HAserum Fill enough How to Style

  • THE MOII Balm Ambient dew How to Style


To have more freedom to enjoy styling.
For light, “manageable” hair without relying on coatings.

Control the look at will from the inside of the hair.
A styling line that designs while providing treatment care.

Moii lets me be myself.

I want to choose products appropriate for my skin and mind.
In response to such a desire, Moii was born as a natural hair and skin care brand
made especially with naturally derived ingredients.*
Each time you use Moii, you will experience the confidence to live each day
enthusiastically because simply being yourself makes you more beautiful.
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