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Moii lets me be myself
Moii was born as a natural hair and skin care brand made especially with natural ingredients.*
Each time you use Moii, you will experience the confidence to live each day enthusiastically because simply being yourself makes you more beautiful.
  • Moii oil Lady absolute
    The lightweight, all-around beauty oil is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients* to leave the hair smooth to the touch. The oil delivers bounce, shine, and manageability to the hair surface and ends, which are prone to dryness. The attractive floral scent also lifts your mood.
  • Moii balm Walk in forest
    This all-around balm is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients* and a must-have daily treatment. With its exceptional moisturizing properties, the balm provides hydration and makes the hair manageable, especially if the hair ends is are prone to being unruly frizzy ends. After applying the balm to the hair, gently spread it over the hands and skin. The nostalgic aroma is reminiscent of being in a deep forest and has a soothing effect on the mind.
*Naturally derived ingredients mean that a large part of the ingredients comes from plants, non-petroleum components, and water.

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