For Harmony between “Salon Work” and “Global Environment” We consider that the “environment” is an essential element of beauty, and we have conducted various environmental activities. We will continue working with you for harmonious coexistence,“Beauty x Ecology”.
For Harmony between “Salon Work” and “Global Environment” We consider that the “environment” is an essential element of beauty, and we have conducted various environmental activities. We will continue working with you for harmonious coexistence,“Beauty x Ecology”.

LebeL’s approach

Research“ECO-ist”, formula research project on environmental-friendly projects

Through the ECO-ist project, LebeL have been proactively pursuing on development of formulas (*1) that make less of an impact on the environment and working to adopt paper packages that generate less garbage. We support salon work with minimizing the environmental impact.

  • *1: Adaption of raw materials that can be easily biodegraded by microorganisms in treatment facilities after disposal, and emulsified formulas: formula with better-removing bubbles that reduce amount of water consumption and drainage discharge.
  • *2: Products that have one or more elements of the seven elements conscious of the environment

PlantApproach to energy saving and curtailing the emissions of atmospheric pollutants

Action to drainage treatment facilities

We have introduced waste liquid treatment procedures by using microorganisms and contributed to emission reduction of air NOX (nitrogen oxide) and SOX (sulfur oxide) which cause air pollutants, and carbon dioxide which causes global warming.

Action to emission reduction of atmospheric pollutants

We have switched to using municipal gas as a heat source for manufacturing in our plant in order to reduce emission of atmospheric pollutant substances.

Action to energy-efficient lighting

We have progressively introduced energy-efficient lighting such as LED and HCFL in our manufacturing site and offices. In warehouse we use electrodeless lighting which consumes approximately a quarter electricity of mercury lamps.

ProductsRatio of LebeL products which are environment- friendly “eco products” comes to 88.6%.

LebeL have considered the environmental impact when developing and manufacturing products.

  • *Percentage by sales volume as of March 2017

Seven environment-conscious points

eco seven ①Use of volume-reduced containers
②Use of easily-biodegradable surfactants
③Streamlining of packaging
④Paper resource saving
⑤Volume-reduced products
⑥Partial re-use of containers
⑦ Easily-biodegradable design with different materials

For the environment (no use of PVC containers)

In 1999, LebeL replaced PVC containers for perm agent to paper containers so as to reduce the number of PVC containers which generate dioxins when incompletely incinerated.

For the environment (Use of volume-reduced containers)

As for product containers, we have proactively adopted paper-based containers which contain minimal plastic and pouch containers which help reduction of garbage volume.

LogisticsProactive recycling of used cardboard boxes

When delivering assortments of products to customers, cardboard boxes used for product packages etc. which are no longer needed, are recycled to cushioning materials. We have tried to reduce the use of air cushion made of vinyl so as to support customers’ sorting and disposing of garbage easily.

Sales activitiesLessening the environmental impact by sales activities

With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact during customer visit, we have
proactively adopted hybrid cars, which now make up approximately 70% of our sales vehicles. Also, at sales locations in urban areas, we have avoided using cars in congested areas by use of public transportation networks and adopted car-sharing which is an effective means of reducing CO2 emission. In addition, we have equipped sales personnel with iPad Minis and promoted “paper-less” presentations.

Our officesLessening the environmental impact in offices

We have promoted “paper-less” by use of the iPad Mini. When purchasing office supplies, we advise to select recycled paper products and Green Mark products. Also, we make the utmost effort to use environment-friendly paper and ink for catalogs, other publications and promotional materials.

Public relationsactivities We have carried on activities in events that support the environment and reconstruction.

History of LebeL’s social contribution activities

1992 Launch of Natural Hair Soap series with a focus on biodegradability
2000 Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification
2004 Start of sponsorship of NPO “Setouchi Olive Foundation”
2007 Introduction of hybrid cars to sales vehicles
2008 Approach and start of carbon offset
2010 Start of participation in Challenge 25
2011 Start of reconstruction support after the Earthquake Disaster
2014 Start of participation in Fun to Share

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